One of the hardest choices I needed to make as a beginning genealogist was which software do I use?

There were so many choices out there and I didn’t even know what I was looking for. There was tree builder software, there was record finding software there was charting software, there’s DNA software. Do I do web or do I do desktop? And now, do I do mobile?

Well, what if you could take a peek inside the software before you made your choice? See what the programs do, see how they do it, and see how they compare to other programs that claim to do the same thing.

On the Genealogy Software Showcase, I’m gonna crack open the software and give you a peek inside. I’m gonna show you what the software does, I’m gonna show you how it does it, and I’m going to show you how it compares to other programs in the same genre.

Now the Genealogy Showcase is just that, it’s a showcase. It’s not a review. There’s not gonna be any rating of the software from one to five. Instead, I’m gonna give you the information you need to make your own decisions because what works for me may not work for you.

So I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we crack open the software, take a peek inside.

Let’s have some fun!