What is the Genealogy Software Showcase?

The popularity of DNA testing has brought thousands of people into a world of ancient lineages, family trees, and personal histories.

There are so many different types of programs on the genealogy landscape. Databases, graphing programs, and records databases are just the tip of the iceberg. The field now includes DNA analysis tools, mobile programs, and artificial intelligence programs that identify potential living relatives.

In this series, we will explore the expanding landscape of genealogy software. In each episode, we will crack open a new or under-appreciated genealogy program and look at the motivation behind its creation.

We will give you the information you need to make intelligent choices as you build your research toolbox, and build your family tree.

A recording of each episode will be made available on YouTube and at our website genealogyshowcase.tech after each live stream.

We will demonstrate the software in action and identify what makes it different from other programs in the same genre.

Whether we are talking about software that helps you organize your records, or write your family story, on the Genealogy Software Showcase, we will break down the programs that you can use to help you in your research.

Let’s crack it open and have some fun!

Origins of the Genealogy Software Showcase

The Genealogy Software Showcase was created to combine two main interests – genealogy and software.

The idea grew out of  presentation I did on an “Unlock the Past” cruise.  I demonstrated 4 software programs for genealogists that I felt were under appreciated.

As a scanned the internet for more genealogy programs, I found literally hundreds of them.  Some were dated, others served a single purpose, and others provided a complete suite of tools. 

I saw an opportunity to give these applications some “screen time”, and help new genealogists navigate the software landscape.

Your Host

Edward Thompson

Grandfather, Father, Uncle, the 3.x version of Ed is grayer, stouter, and more medicated!

I love researching ancestors, but also love spending time with my two grown boys and my wife of 30+ years. Did I mention my grandson?

I like movies, I LOVE reading, and when I am able to get away from the computer I like to travel outside North Carolina and visit family.

I hope you enjoy the Showcase. Always feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.